Italy tops the 2016 Fensterbau Frontale exhibitors league at Nuremberg

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Fensterbau Frontale 2016

FENSTERBAU FRONTALE has set the stage for the 2016 edition: from 16 to 19 March, the who’s who of the window, door and facade sector will gain a unique overview of the market in 11 halls at the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg.

Window and facade manufacturers, carpenters, architects and retailers visit the fair to find out about the latest profile systems, hardware, structural elements, the use of glass in architecture, fixing technology, security technology, machines and equipment and much more.


Apart from the exhibition as such, FENSTERBAU FRONTALE also offers an exciting supporting programme. The trade fair will be officially opened by Günther Hoffmann, Head of the Department for the Construction Industry and Federal Buildings at the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Reactor Safety.

A popular and long-established element of the programme is the special show by window technology testing institute ift Rosenheim, the GFF (Glass, Window and Facade Association) and NürnbergMesse, which will take place this year at stand 1-415/515 in Hall 1 with the theme “Success through Safety, Quality and Security”.

For all dates, times and events please go to www.frontale.de/en/programme.

Source: NürnbergMesse
Source: NürnbergMesse
Source: NürnbergMesse
Source: NürnbergMesse

Special programme for architects and building designers

As at previous events, the 8th Architecture-Window-Facade Forum on the morning of the second day of the fair offers an exceptional programme of information and presentations exclusively for architects.

This year the forum on the theme “Striving for Simplicity in Architecture and Technology” will be devoted to current trends in architecture and technology. High-calibre speakers will explore the themes of the trade fair in an overarching context.

The magazines AIT and Xia Intelligente Architektur will once again be presenting their Innovation Award for Architecture + Window Door Facade to exhibitors at FENSTERBAU FRONTALE. The prize-winners will be selected by a panel of renowned architects, interior designers and engineers.

Source: NürnbergMesse
Source: NürnbergMesse
Source: NürnbergMesse
Source: NürnbergMesse

News from Exhibitors



Simonswerk, the hinge specialist, is a family owned company that develops and manufactures a complete range of solutions for residential and public buildings. The company, which employs about 550 employees, is the number one in the German market, and participates in international markets in 70 countries, half of them through subsidiaries, sales representatives and direct collaborators.

Simonswerk Group’s turnover reached 93 million euro in 2015, compared to 88.5 million in 2014, and with a large proportion of 43% coming from international markets.

On the occasion of the Fensterbau fair 2016, Simonswerk provides an overview of many solutions and in particular some new door hinges and range extensions for entrance doors. A strong focus is on PVC entrance doors where the increasing technical needs related to this particular application, led to the development of a new model of the SIKU family hinge. This is the SIKU model 3D K 6060, equipped with a scrolling wear free system, integrated safety pin, adjustable in 3D and with a high load capacity up to 160 Kg with two hinges.

Also to be highlighted are the solutions for entrance doors in wood, for which you will be introduced to various innovative products for applications both with overlap and coplanar, of the BAKA, TECTUS and VARIANT family.

Information: www.simonswerk.it
Exhibits: Hall 4, Stand 143

SIKU 3D 6060 ©Simonswerk
SIKU 3D 6060 ©Simonswerk. Clic to enlarge.
BAKA ©Simonswerk.
BAKA ©Simonswerk. Clic to enlarge

The Italian presence

With over 70 exhibitors Italy is expected, as tradition, the most represented country in the lounge after the hosts, and is confirmed as one of the protagonists in the international market of furniture, windows and frames.



From 1982 Coima produces suction, filtering and storage plants for residues and waste primarily from woodworking.

The skills acquired were subsequently extended to residue treatment of metal machining, plastic and other materials, to meet the new needs of the enterprise.

Moreover, for some years the offer of CoimaGroup has been further enhanced with the design and installation of heating and industrial painting systems. At Fensterbau Frontale Coima will present an overview of the facilities which exports to over 30 countries: all-round solutions, thanks to which productivity, efficiency and recovery of waste materials are combined into a single proposal, conceived and produced on customer’s needs.

Information: www.coimagroup.it
Exhibits: Hall 3, Stand 443


Decoral System

Decoral System

Decoral System® is today well established worldwide as a leader in the production and sale of raw materials, equipment and know-how, for decoration through sublimation on metals and 200° C undeformable materials. Decoral System® holds the decoration process patented DECORAL® for the treatment of aluminium.

In recent years the company of Arcole (VR) is growing as a company oriented to the decoration not only of aluminium but also of a wide variety of substrates such as PVC, glass and all those materials that are in accordance with its methods of work.

At Fensterbau/Frontale the company will present a series of new effects, with over 4000 combinations and new designs to be used in various fields: fixtures, countertops, interior finishes, furniture, ship and plane, external cladding, outdoor furniture and street furniture.

Information: www.decoral-system.com
Exhibits: Hall 6, booth 155

©Decoral System
©Decoral System
Wood Grain Powder Coating Machines Model VIV251 ©Decoral System
Wood Grain Powder Coating Machines Model VIV251 ©Decoral System

Fama International

Fama International

Fama International, founded in 2000, has based its success on the foundations of a solid and deeply felt tradition in the territory of belonging: the metal processing.

In a short time Fama has become a reality in the field of small ironmongery at European level, and then focused on the production of accessories dedicated to the home. Fame offers exclusive luxury products, proper design and furniture components: knobs for furniture, door handles, hinges and latches, handrail brackets, door stops.

The company has also created an excellent craftsmanship line that can be appreciated, eyes and feel, at the booth set up at Fensterbau/Frontale. It is Fama Italian Design, dedicated to the production of handles and accessories for doors, windows and furniture. All products in this line are made of bronze and hand-made, using the techniques of melting handed down from antiquity, when applied to the creation of tools, weapons or armor.

Information: www.famainternational.it
Exhibits: Hall 2, booth 427

Door handles from FID line ©Fama International.
Door handles from FID line ©Fama International. Clic to enlarge.

Fom Group: Fom Industrie, Comall e Profteq

FOM Industrie

FOM Group, a specialist in the production of machines for processing aluminium, alloys and PVC dedicated to a wide range of industrial applications, occurs at the Fensterbau/Frontale with a long list of innovations.

With an exhibition space of 500 square meters, Fom Industrie will present its technological proposal along with COMALL, leader in the world market of punching machines and workshop logistics and PROFTEQ, a specialist in the production of machines and equipment for PVC.

The must-see for insiders will be the cutting line and working-spindle LMT62, highly automated facility capable of processing large profile sections; Axel, 5-axis machining centre to complete complex geometries in both industrial and window-frames applications; DALI and MODUS, modern and captivating machining centres, simple and versatile. You can then view live the double head sawing machine for compound angles, KEOPE, in 5 controlled axes and the new sawing machine BLITZ 65.

Information: www.fomindustrie.com
Exhibits: Hall 3A, Stand 305

Cutting line  LT62
Cutting line LT62 ©Fom Industrie
CNC Machining Centre AXEL 5 ©Fom Industrie
CNC Machining Centre AXEL 5 ©Fom Industrie



Otlav, born in 1956 from an idea by Angelo Padovan, specializes in the production of hinges for doors and windows. Thanks to the constant technological research and the wide range of products, it has grown market shares and it is now present in more than 60 countries.

The company of Santa Lucia di Piave (TV), is now on the market and at Fensterbau Frontale with a line of concealed hinges for flush doors called Invisacta.

Invisacta is characterized by reduced dimensions that make it possible to apply in situations where the frame is especially thin, high reversibility and 7 joint hubs to ensure low friction, excellent smoothness and high load capacity. In addition, the contact between the carriers is prevented from nylon bushings with high resistance to friction. The hinges are available in zinc finish and upon request in other finishes with a range that includes two models: adjustable and non-adjustable.

Information: www.otlav.it
Exhibits: Hall 4, Booth 152

Invisacta ©Otlav. Clic to enlarge.
Invisacta ©Otlav. Clic to enlarge.

Vitrum Mioni

Vitrum Mioni

Born in 1979 Vitrum Mioni has immediately made of carefully crafted products, product customization and customer service its strengths.

Abandoned 25 years ago glass processing, the company from Zanè (VI) specialized in the production of skylights for private houses and industrial structures. In addition, Vitrum Mioni creates thermoformed domes, ribbed tunnel fixed and sliding, smoke evacuator certified systems, pergolas and porches.

Providing installation and laying directly, the company is able to serve different types of customers: residential, industrial up to the urban scenario.

On the occasion of the appointment of Nuremberg, the company will present the pergola OPEN +, a version of bioclimatic pergola designed for side locks with curtains and lighting with led stripes. The result is a perfect cover for those looking for total weather protection and want to enjoy the outdoors during all times of the year.

Information: www.vitrummioni.it
Exhibits: Hall 4A, Stand 124

The Open+ pergola ©Vitrum Mioni. Clic to enlarge.
The Open+ pergola ©Vitrum Mioni. Clic to enlarge.


W.P.R. Taka

WPR represents the Italian excellence in wrapping systems for profiles and panels. WPR designs and manufactures innovative machinery and intelligent systems, fully automatic, designed to increase productivity.

At the Fensterbau Frontale in Nuremberg, WPR will present the NWA 300 7000, a profile wrapping machine for exteriors and interiors with a range of options to improve the quality of the final product and speed up the production process, with greater flexibility. NWA 300 7000 is a professional system sized for large batches of production and that, due to its simplicity of use, is to date the most sold WPR system in Italy and worldwide.

Information: wpr.it
Exhibits: Hall 3, booth 340

NWA profile wrapping machine in action ©WPR.
NWA profile wrapping machine in action ©WPR. Clic to enlarge.

Other Italian companies

As mentioned above, lots of italian companies will attend and this emphasizes the role that Italy plays in the Nuremberg 2016 exposure reference markets.

3C C.L.O.M.E.A., AGB – Alban Giacomo, Aluvetro, Anselmi, Atp di F.Garzoni, Bartolini Utensili, BBC, Brevetti Motta, C.C.E., Ceam Amadeo, Cherubini, CMC Converting Machinery Cevenini, Complastex, Dallan, DBInformation, DEFO Utensileria Industriale, Dimasisto, Dimontonate Floccati, FEV Italia, FOREL, Galbusera Giancarlo e Giorgio, Garniga, Genius Italia, Ghidini Pietro Bosco, Graf Synergy, Italmac, Italserramenti, Kosmosoft Engineering, La Florida, Mario Picciocchi, MCD, MECAL, Metalglas Bonomi, Mixall Group, Oemme, Opera Company, P.M.T., Palagina, Pellini, Pertici Industries, PI-ZETA di Poli Renato, Plasticino, Proline, Protek, Reguitti, Rekord, Rubner Türen, S.A.B Serrature, Saimex, Sarner Leimholz KG des Kemenater Christian, Sipar, Taka, Tecnoplast, Tender, Top Glass, Torresan, Tropex Design, UCS Ultraflex Control Systems, Uniform, Utensiltecnica, Verum Italy, Vidali Finishing.