A new and easier method for controlling robots from Georgia Tech

Image: Sonia Chernova is the Catherine M. and James E. Allchin Early-Career Assistant Professor in the School of Interactive Computing.

The traditional remote control interface for robots (called “ring-and-arrow”) is undoubtedly very functional for experts. Using a pc screen and a mouse you can independently control all 6 degrees of freedom, moving 3 virtual rings and arrows so to bring the robot in the optimal position to grab an object or perform a certain task. But for a non-expert, the ring-and-arrow system is too complex and can easily lead to errors. It is certainly not ideal, for example, for seniors who had to control a robot for aid in housewife.

A new interface, designed by researchers at Georgia Tech, it turned out to be much simpler, more efficient and easier to learn. The user simply point and click on an object and choose to get a grip on it, the rest is done entirely by robots’ algorithm.

The full article was published on Mechatronicsly.