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ItalianDirectory is an editorial startup with offices in Venice and Treviso. From birth in 2015, Italiandirectory aims to be a place of meeting and exchange of ideas between science, technology, business, art and culture. Our advertisers are proposed a new approach to online advertising, offering a platform for professional content and a selected audience.

The birth

Italiandirectory was born in January 2015 brainchild of Hdemo networks, a company operating since 1985 in graphic-education, editorial and marketing advice to firms with over 50 active clients, partner of Xerox Corporation and InfoTrends Inc.

From the outset we have believed in the existence of an international audience, composed of leading figures from business, researchers and innovation managers, interested in meeting new opportunities and to draw inspiration from cultural stimuli from outside.

Today, our editorial policy

We publish technical articles, scientific, and cultural contributions of various size and type. We cater for engineers, managers, professionals, designers and creatives, to whom we offer cultural stimuli, in-depth training, and professional contributions.

Today Italiandirectory is an international publishing platform: born at first only in Russian and English, from April 2015 Edition is also in Italian. Multilanguage are also our various social media channels.

The community of readers of Italiandirectory, from 80 countries, continues to grow, our sites being passed from a few dozen to over 5,000 views per month in less than a year. Our editorial team consisting of engineers, technicians and designers, grows gradually to new contributions from professionals and visiting scholars, both Italian and foreign.

Promotion and advertising on Italiandirectory

Promote your business on Italiandirectory means to be visible and relevant in the eyes of those who decide, influence, produces and creates innovation, in Italy and in 5 continents.

In an age where traditional forms of online advertising, with their intrusiveness and pervasiveness, have saturated the web becoming intolerable for users, Italiandirectory offers to sponsor something different. A media publishing platform where advertisers, promotional and brand awareness for their goals, can take advantage of new techniques that go collectively under the name native advertising.

If you are interested in evaluating our new way of advertising online, visit our page, or download our media-kit, where you will find all the information related to our magazine and our innovative advertising offer.


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