Best packaging winner: Twist Can from New Box

Steel is a unique packaging material, combining exceptional performance capabilities with unrivalled environmental credentials. Strong, formable and long-lasting, steel offers numerous benefits for the safe packaging of a wide variety of products.

Why steel for packaging

  • Steel is a mono-material and therefore easy to recycle;
  • Steel is the most recycled packaging material in Europe;
  • Because steel has magnetic properties, it can be easily recovered from all efficient waste streams;
  • Recycling saves resources (iron ore, coal, limestone) and reduces CO2 emissions;
  • Steel is a permanent material that can be infinitely recycled without any loss of quality.
New Box Twist Can
New Box Twist Can

Already winner of “Best Packaging Award”, selected every year by The Italian Institute of Packaging, New Box presented TWIST CAN, a new single-component tin (100% steel), resealable and suitable for beverage and food.

NEW BOX SPA, with headquarters and factory in the northeast of Italy, occupies an area of 55.000 square meters and employs 200 people overall. The company started with the production of crown caps and with over 50 years of history has diversified its range of products and their markets. Important investments with innovative technologies complete the picture of NEW BOX, which stands today as a leading international company in the field of lithographed metal packaging.

In the words of the Italian company, as announcing the commercial availability of the product:

New Box claim is “Shape Your Pack” and responds to our customers customization requests for steel boxes and tins. Twist Can combines shape innovation and evironment protection. Single-component packaging for steel boxes and tins is highly requested as our customers are increasingly environmetally conscious.

The three piece Twist Can is suitable for every type of beverage, flat or under pressure. The can is 100% steel, whose 56% recycled. Made of 100% steel mono-material, the product is safe, hygienic and with the plus of resealability. Its particular shape was designed to fit the beverage market queries fo a product able to optimize transportation and exhibition spaces on the shelves.

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