Eidos Works briquetting machines for the compaction of chips

The Eidos Works briquetting presses operate on chips coming from different tool machines. Eidos Works  presses can operate on metal chips such as steel, cast iron, aluminum, copper, magnesium, titanium, bronze, as well as polymeric and wooden chips. Another very interesting case concerns the compaction of metallic and plastic powders in both dry and sludge form. The compaction of the metal chips fully meets the materials recycling policies, improving the operating conditions and the cleaning of the working environment.

Technology of compaction in the Eidos Works briquetting machines

During briquetting, the chips are pressed at high pressure and the cutting oil present in the chips is recovered and reused with significant advantages for the company.

The briquetting process allows substantial reductions in space for the storage of the chips and an important saving for the material handling.

Furthermore, the briquetted chips are cleaner than normal scrap and are subject to a lower oxidation. This results in a higher yield of the briquette in the furnaces with consequent increment in the economic value of the material.

Advantages of Eidos Works compaction

  • Reduction in the overall volume of waste;
  • ncrease of the economic value of scrap;
  • Briquettes can be introduced directly into the melting furnace;
  • Reduction of time in managing scrap and consequent costs;
  • Recovery of lubricating oil from scrap

Our models

Eidos Works offers three different models of presses with different performances and for different materials. All models are compact and full automatic.

EVTM-45-L Sludge Compact is the smallest machine on the market that can effectively process special materials such as grinding sludge.

EVTM-55-L Super Compact is the most compact machine on the market, studied to be placed directly under the chips conveyor of a tool machine.

a EVTM-65-L Super Compact is studied for high production capacity, performance and efficiency.

Eidos Works briquetting machines for the compaction of chips

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