Conegliano Serramenti folding gates

Conegliano serramenti: folding gates and rolling shutters

Conegliano Serramenti is leader in Italy for the production of folding gates and rolling shutters.

For forty years, it has been present in the Italian and foreign markets with products and patented technologies.

Over the years it has developed cutting-edge technologies with quality machinery to offer a wider range of products.

Conegliano Serramenti offers an advanced design service that can assist professionals in the product definition offering the finest customization.

It is a dynamic company with a team of technicians able to verify on the spot sizing and anchoring systems.

Conegliano Serramenti delivers a careful post-sales service with personnel specialized in the installation and maintenance of the products.

Conegliano Serramenti manufactures the following products:

  • rolling shutters
  • folding gates
  • security gratings and shutters
  • garage closures
  • shutters rapid roll Speed 1.5
  • doors, industrial gates and fireproof
  • home and industrial fences
  • furnishing gates

Conegliano Serramenti Srl
via Campolongo 1/E
31010 Mareno di Piave – Treviso – Italy
+39 0438 4985
+39 0438 498530/40
Paolo Pilutti, Paola Pizzolon

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