From Domotex 2017 interview with Klindex

From Domotex 2017: an interview to Roberto Bibiano of Klindex

Following our previous article on the international fair Domotex 2017, we would like to offer an experience and a few considerations of an Italian company situated in Hannover. The fair offered 1.409 exhibitors, over 60 different nationalities, and the participation of more than 40.000 visitors, with an expansion of those coming from the Near and the Middle East (+9 %) and from the Far East (+16 %). Our testimonial, representative of a company leader in finishing of wooden floors, is the evidence of how, now days, it is fundamental existing in the market with flexability, capacity of adaptation and innovation in competences: Klindex, a company in Manoppello (PE), plans machines that smooth wooden pavements, and also that polishes marble and granite, primary sector of their position. We interviewed Robert Bibiano, Marketing Director of the company.

Klindex was born in 1988, and is therefor performing 30 years of activity. Can you reassume the fundamental steps of the company’s history?

Klindex was founded in 1988 from Hercules and Enio Bibiano. The Bibiano brothers, with over 20 years of experience in cleaning machines sales, invented and patented a new system to polish paves in marble and granite, with the use of abrasive diamond disks. At the beginning it wasn’t easy to introduce in the market this new system, the customers weren’t sure that the new machines were able to improve the work done by the existing traditional sanders. After a few years, thanks to creditable good results raised from the first customers that have trusted in the company’s competences and have tested the machinery, the distrust has been overcome and the Klindex system has become the best system to polish marbles and granites. Instantly, professionists and manufacturers, on an international scale, have begun to use with success our machines. We have reached the peak of the success when, at the most important international fair of cleaning machines INTERCLEAN 2000 – AMSTERDAM, Klindex has reached an important recognition:the nomination for the more innovative product of the year 2000 with the UNIKA mono-blade, nomination won again in 2004 with the new IDRAULIKUS. Klindex is the unequalled Italian firm that has won the demonstration twice.

What role has the research got in your business mission?

Our company works constantly with commitment to improve its products, investing time and money in research; this means constantly planning and building machines for smoothing, polish, cleaning and restoring of any floor and/or surface. Side by side with the innovation is fundamental for Klindex the industry expertise, in order to guarantee reliability and efficient services; furthermore, thanks to a continuous collaboration with our customers, the firm succeeds to materialise the requirements of the market. The planning activity is rolled entirely inside the company and is supported by sophisticated computation programs. In 2004 the Klindex s.r.l. has reached a new goal: the UNI EN ISO 9001 2000 certification ,for “Planning, production, sale and assistance of machines apt for cleaning and polishing civil and industrial surfaces”, that has made more and more solid this working process, so important for the company’s business growth. We would like to underline two different streams of particular relief for us: a special consideration for the impact on the environment, that leads to a research directed to a use of ecological materials with harmless residuals and a regular activity in collaboration with the University of Aquila, the Energetics department, where every year are developed several projects, that then become subject of degree thesis in engineering. For Klindex it is certainly a great satisfaction knowing that the company contributes to form new engineering designers.

So, Klindex has started by polishing marble and granites, recording its patent. Has it been easy to transfer this know-how to the world-wide environment of wood? What difficulties have you met?

Transfering the know-how has not been easy, in spite of the good starting base. We can say that there has been two maggior problems, though the experience had already prepared us to face them both: the first in offering the Klindex system in an area populated of tape – based and rolling machines and, the second, the rather elevated distrust of parquet layers in the planetary system.

Which are the overseas markets where Klindex can be found?

Our principal markets are Europe, United States, Russia and Arabic emirates, but we have customers in over 80 countries around the world.

Coming back to Domotex 2017, what do you think about the edition of this year?

Interesting fair, our company has had many foreign visitors, definitely over our expectations. The Klindex opinion can only be positive, this to confirm that international fairs as Domotex are useful to consolidate existing relations and in presenting, to the new firms, usefull products that rotate around the global environment of wood.

What is your feeling about the status of the wooden floors market in extra-UE?

The wood market is expanding if observed through all of its satelitte products, standing back, therefor, from the contractive dynamics of the Italian perspective, and just for this it is important to be the first to propose innovative products.

How do you see positioned the Italian producers of technologies for wooden floors?

The Italian products, as often happens, are valued a lot in foreign countries and this sector is not an exception, but it is necessary that the companies be properly structured to be able to face the international market, it is not enough being part of the fair, it is essential to have a management projected in that direction, employees personally involved in the business processes and an accurate organisation of the sales network.

Which products have met the greatest interest by the visitors?

With no dought the new exclusive “ rotate-orbiting mono-blade” for wood: MAXI ORBIT SANDER. Maxi Orbit Sander is a professional mono- blade that facilitates and fastens the work on all surfaces. The oscillating heading suites all surfaces and allows to work easily even on irregular floorings, minimising the effort of the operator.


Among the tendencies that raised from the Domotex to be mentioned are the increasing attention towards sustainability and Green, some new tropical woods and floors with a second-hand look or damasked with inserts and textures. From Klindex’s point of view, where is the wooden floor market going and which are the future challenges that your products will need to face?

Pre-polished floors and ceramic effects are gathering a good slice of the market in comparison with the traditional ones, together with productions that propose more natural effects, such as natural varnish, oil treatments, lappings and antique effect. In this market overview, Klindex commits to offer more and more products and technologies up to date with the tendencies and to build ever more efficient machines, with simple manageability and an ease of use as reference of the category.