Interview with Dr. Teza of National School of Naturopathy

Interview with Dr. Teza of National School of Naturopathy

Dr. Teza, would you like to introduce the National School of Naturopathy project and its specific activities?

We started in 1996 as Training Authority and after a long journey leading us to various accreditation on regional and national level, in 2009 we began the great study path toward holistic and bio-natural disciplines. Actually we are the first ones in Veneto providing certified courses. Our teachers are all professionals in this discipline and some of them are certified on European level.

Naturopathy is based on the holistic view of mind-body balance and represents the synthesis of natural methods for wellness and quality of life sake. Our mission is: “When Nature becomes Science”, training on scientific basis while dealing with wellness. Nature, but most of all prevention, is our project.

It is hidden in plain sight indeed, that lifestyle together with habit it’s determining for the future of each one of us.

All Naturopaths and holistic therapists graduated from National School of Naturopathy have been trained for being able to advice their future clients in a correct and scientific way. Non-conventional medicine it’s complement to the official medicine and shouldn’t be a substitute or alternative to it. Concluding, I’d like to tell that our Academy headquarters in Conegliano and Mestre are the only ones in Triveneto being accredited and sponsored on national-level by SINAPE, FeLSA e CISL.

What are the most requested courses or projects?

What makes unique National School of Naturopathy is the particular attention to the professional working future of our graduates so that we provide professional courses and also amateur level ones which can raise knowledge also for people who are just passionate of this field and want to get closer to the fantastic world of Naturopathy.

Thanks to our multiannual experience we have developed a very effective and modern teaching method, a leading practical one to offer the best in training.

We offer a widely complete range of courses:

  • Naturopath practitioner, 3-year;
  • Holistic councelor, 3-year;
  • Holistic advisor on natural nutrition education and energy nutrition, 1-year;
  • Foot reflexology therapist, 1-year;
  • Dien Chan therapist, 1-year;
  • Holistic and bioenergetic massage techniques therapist, 1-year;

Many among our students continue the academical path specializing with Master classes choosing mostly among 5 options:

  1. Master in morphogenetic nutrition and sports nutrition;
  2. Master in applied holistic iridology;
  3. Master in stone crystal therapy;
  4. Master in techniques of holistic sports massage, connectival and morpho-psychodynamic;
  5. Master in Foot reflexology applied to flower therapy and chromotherapy.

Our qualifying survey is completed all around the year by many workshops about various holistic themes also with the “summer school” formula.

We guess such a School should have been awarded by plenty of certifications for granting its reliability in training and teaching.

During our 20 years long experience in the field of Education and Training we gained many national and European certifications.

I would like to list the main ones:

  • Since 2009 – National accreditation by SINAPE FELSA CISL (Italian Union of Naturopaths);
  • Since 2011- accreditation CONI/CSEN for bionatural disciplines;
  • in 2014 – foundation of Institute for the Education of adults IASO in association with CNUPI (National confederation of Institutes for the Education of adults) acknowledged by M.I.U.R. (Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research) D.M. 170/1991;
  • since 2016 we use the European Certification REFORMED Brussels for curricula and teachers’ Cv as requested by European directives and WHO (World Health Organization);
  • since 2017 – National accreditation for Conegliano Headquarter as the only one for European Certification for Professional Skills (by UNI 11491 regulation);
  • since 2017 – affiliation to ACSE, Associazione Sport e Cultura per l’Europa (Sports and Culture Association for Europe) acknowledged by CONI.

What are the most frequently asked questions from your subscribers?

Doubtless during the informational interview the most frequent questions are about the curriculum, length of courses, exam modality, frequency requirements and timetable but most of all about the Regulatory Framework, something very important for holistic therapists as giving legal identity to the category.

There are two Law regulations in Italy, the first was approved in April 2013 (Legge 4/2013) for not-regulated professions; the latter became effective on January 1st 2017 and it is related to the CCNL (National Collective Agreement on Labour) for holistic therapists, subscribed by the Italian Ministry of Labour and SINAPE/CISL, Italian Union of Naturopaths.

Which are your headquarters? How do you inform your subscribers about the initiatives?

The one in Conegliano is the largest site, one with more than 750m2, there is enough room despite the numerous attending subscribers; on the other hand in Mestre there isn’t enough room for everybody, that’s the reason why we hire classrooms in the same building or in other associations of category premises nearby.

Our main communication channel is the WEB so we have a website and we are on social networks. We forward periodical newsletters suggesting a continuous updating in knowledge or the possibility of meeting in occasion of many conferences we plan during the year. Anyway, direct communication, let me say, is what marks us if compared to other schools, we have an open-space reception for a direct contact between teachers and students.

Would you tell us about the previously outlined Master classes?

The MASTER path is a very important high training and specializing path. It always marks the difference on a professional level and it represents a plus giving more value to the professional career. Master classes are various and numerous, I’ve already mentioned them. There will be a novelty in 2018 but at the moment I wouldn’t reveal anything about it because it will be an European novelty.

Anyway the most requested Master is the one on nutrition! I’d like to underline that who attend our classes then stay in touch with the School. There is great participation during meetings and conferences, during the Law Regulations updating and always much interest in new academical proposals. About this point we are scheduling seminars on “microbial function”.

So we can say that is a lifelong learning…

Yes, of course, since the holistic world, as the IT one, is a “work in progress”. This is not a wild assertion since studies and research in Naturopathy are getting more and more detailed and scientific on a national and international level. So, once trained the professionals can and must pursue a lifelong updating for their clients sake.

Does your School keep an entirely italian perspective or are you considering other European countries?

We have been carrying out study exchanges for some years with France where the holistic disciplines are much wanted. At the moment we are working with Spain, especially with the region of Catalonia, in November 2017 we will be in Athens to establish a collaboration with a local School of Naturopathy with a 30 years experience.

Our project is to create a synergy, some sort of “quadrangle” Italy, France, Spain, Greece and meeting together almost once a year in a congress on hot topics. So there is an actual possibility for our professionals of spreading their job expectations also in other European countries.

You can contact the National School of Naturopathy through their web site.