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Mand Group: logistics services

Mand Group has its headquarters in Olmi di San Biagio di Callalta in the province of Treviso.

We are the only company in Italy that can perform full 360 degrees logistical services, providing service to our clients and offer itself as a single point of contact for all logistics requirements for the achievement of the corporate goals, their programming and their achievement.

In recent years we have developed a Supply Chain for the complete management of services ranging from dismantling of systems/lines/machines, freight depots, packaging (finishing, processing, packaging), worldwide shipping with door rendition, Assembly, start up, revamping obsolete machinery, until the maintenance management.

Our strength is that we offer to our customers as partners and not as simple suppliers, ensuring professionalism, reliability and especially immediacy answer and in the provision of the services.

Have direct contact with companies, establishing a relationship of trust and meet customer demand, are the qualities that make us an ideal partner.

Our group was founded by the company Mand Imballaggi Srl, but has expanded in recent years by establishing two other companies: TFBS Trading Finance Business Solution in Morocco and Mand Inc. in the United States for the development of services in these two market areas.

The credentials that distinguish us:

  • Reliability
    360 degrees services for all phases of assets ranging from planning to execution, from implementation to testing.
  • Professionalism
    We provide the right solution for every need and problematic. Our solutions are the result of careful analysis and planning that aims at complete customer satisfaction.
  • Efficiency
    We know how the time factor is crucial, and for this we supply solutions with the least possible delay.
  • Quality
    It is our prerogative to keep the level of service offered under control while ensuring quality standards, verifying the attainment and trying to predict any improvements.

Mand Packaging Division has packing as its main business activities; we produce special packaging, industrial packaging, containers by sea, by land and by air; we supply crates, cages, platforms with vci protection (anticorrosion), In addition to accessories for packaging in accordance with current regulations.

Our team, made up of professionals, is able to provide solutions for every type of packaging, from small and medium custom works, to large industrial packaging solutions, with technologically innovative products and goods protection solutions.

The packaging industry requires continuous updates both for evolution and for variety market; all this happens without neglecting customer relation in order to understand his needs and provide the most appropriate and safe packing.

To this end, It is important to perform an site survey to inspect the activities that will be scheduled. These vary depending on the characteristics of the goods (weight, size, deterioration, fragility and its nature), from trasportation method (used time and means) from the legal provisions of the country in which you perform the work (Mand operates worldwide) and by storage conditions that the packaging must endure during any stops in ports, airports or train stations and customs.

Finds all the needs you will design that must meet all requirements of stability and safety, protection of content, (impermeability, hygrometric State, condensation, heat insulation, ventilation, protection from intrusion and leakage, protection from impact or shock) while still maintaining a high degree of usability — ease of use and handling, ease of inspection, easy disassembly and lightness.

Our know how allows us to offer a service that meets your needs in the field of packaging, making us become the reference.

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