Manuele Elia Marano

Manuele Elia Marano, fine art photographer

I have been working for many years in the photography field and I firmly believe that this medium is the best way to grasp and understand the world around us in its essence and true nature.

In other words, through photography, I always try to reproduce not as much the reality taken by photographic lenses, as the idea of it that I have as a photographer.

This way, my photography leans to suggest and create emotions and feelings in the viewer. I favour white and black in my shots, because I believe, along with Wim Wenders, that “… the world is in color, but the reality is in black and white”.

It is a pondered photography, which needs time to be generated at shooting and to be developed through post-processing. However, that takes time even to be observed, in order to understand how the complexity of existence can also stay on the surface of a photograph.

Here are my photos for sale from Fotoarea.

Here you can find many of my photographs.

via Quirino Basso 20
31022 – Frescada di Preganziol
Treviso – Italy
+39 0422 383507
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