Safety strategies for men and cobots working together

Men and cobots working safely together: basic strategies

Collaborative robots, or Cobots, are complex machines meant to operate side by side with humans and assist them in the course of a working process reducing his amount of work. The key to taking full advantage of the contribution of Robotics in production processes, and thus increase the efficiency of the latter, it is making this interaction with humans as natural and safe as possible. In this way human operators may entrust all those processes that require a too complex automation, while the robots would take care of those tasks that require faster execution and high quality standards.

To accomplish this production strategy, we must first identify and design methodologies of control and supervision that makes natural and harmless human interaction with robots. Approaches used to try to resolve human-robot cooperation and safety issues are essentially two:

  1. passive safety;
  2. active safety.

In this article, the Mechatronicsly engineering team review the basic strategies. Full article is available on the Mechatronicsly site.