Missiaja exhibits in Edinburgh

Gianfranco Missiaja exhibits in Edinburgh at Art4x exhbition.

The central theme is that of the Commedia dell’Arte: it is almost like a general plot outline leaving plenty of space to the author’s fantasy.

Missiaja draws his initial inspiration from original engravings, seeking to catch their rhythm, which is rather bombastic and inflated, due on the one hand to the typical expression of the period (mostly baroque) and on the other to the mere nature of the subjects.

For the masks in the Commedia dell’Arte display a showy and whimsical theatricality fixed by tradition while at the same time open to continuous invention.

The second stage of Missiaja’s method is the decomposition, a kind of synthesis of the motifs underlying the initial structure.

Scottish Society of Architect Artists
with the University of Edinburgh and Edinburgh College of Art

The Sculpture Court
Edinburgh College of Art
Lauriston Place Edinburgh