Gianfranco Missiaja Exibition at The Vital Art 2016

The Vital Art 2016 exhibition of artwork by architect-artists from Scotland and Europe

Meffan Museum and Art Gallery, 9 jan – 6 feb 2016

The Scottish Society of Architect Artists, founded in 1987 by architects interested in the visual arts, currently has around 90 members drawn from the architectural profession, students of architecture and those who have worked in architecture in Scotland.

The Society organises exhibitions throughout Scotland and regularly participates in events throughout Europe.

Our aim is to reinforce traditional links between artists and architects around Scotland and build stronger links with our European colleagues under the banner ‘Ligne et Couleur’.

The Society’s participation in the Scottish Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design 2016 starts at The Meffan, with shows at The Scottish Art Club in April, the RGI Glasgow in May and the Stirling Smith Gallery in September.

This SSAA exhibition (The Scottish Society of Architect Artists) will visit venues around Scotland and will include items from architect-artist colleagues in France, Italy and Poland alongside members’ own works and special invited Core Exhibits on the Festival theme of Innovation Architecture and Design.

Gianfranco Missiaja: Harlequin Happy Night
Gianfranco Missiaja: Harlequin Happy Night

The Vital Art 2016

  • 9 January – 6 February 2016, Meffan Gallery, Forfar
  • 6 April – 3 May 2016, Scottish Arts Club, Edinburgh
  • 19 – 28 May 2016, Rgi Kelly Gallery, Glasgow
  • 19 August – 2 October 2016, Stirling Smith Gallery, Stirling


The Vital Art 2016, brochure (PDF)

The Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland

The Scottish Society of Architect Artists

Gianfranco Missiaja (Venice Gallery)