Natural Clima: cooling systems

Our mission is: to design and create high quality air conditioning and heating solutions for large spaces, respecting and according to the principles of environmental sustainability.

Our solutions are easy to use, economically advantageous and customizable according to specific individual requirements.

Professionalism, expertize and ongoing upgrade are the strong points making our team a reliable partner, with the ability to identify and provide bespoke solutions and delivering the client a rapid consultancy and assistance service.

Our systems are based on Adiabatic Cooling: external warm air is passed through an evaporative panel/filter with alveolar geometry wet from just water. The system allows effective cleaning of the particles present in the air such as pollen and dust, all without the use of harmful gases and with reduced energy consumption.

Our systems

  • Wind Chill: pre-cooling systems to increase the efficiency of refrigeration systems in the summer.
  • Comfort Kitchen: climate control for catering.
  • Cool Box: portable and fixed evaporative cooling.
  • Dual Climate: replacement systems for thermal power plants to meet the demand for hot and cold in large environments.

Advantages of our systems

  • cooling even with door and windows open;
  • split management within the same environment/room;
  • energy saving;
  • lower costs for management and maintenance;
  • large-scale air renewal with minimum noise;
  • the air filtration improves hygiene environment;
  • zero environmental impact for the absence of refrigerant gases;
  • maintenance of natural degree of humidity;
  • increased staff productivity;
  • drop in workplace risk of accidents;
  • easy and flexible installation;
  • Reduction of up to 90% energy consumption compared to “traditional” systems.

Natural Clima srl
via Roma 208
62010 – Montecosaro Scalo – Macerata – Italy
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