Scatolificio 2g: innovative packaging for your products

Often the verbal communication of the brand tends to be the primary goal of marketing. Consumer product companies are constantly engaged in creating smart slogans; in the production of advertising for print and digital media; in the development of marketing content for their websites and social media, to inform and engage. And of course, lining up the brand communication with the packaging. But this poses a question: what they remember most consumers?

The answer should take into account the fact that most people are “Visual”, they remember better visual information than verbal information. That’s why the packaging has the power to influence consumers just at the critical moment of decision: at the shelves of the store.

How many times have you gone into a store to buy a particular brand felt in advertising, but once you are there, you bought another product affected by its packaging? I think we all have experienced at least once.

The Brand managers must continue to focus on brand communication and advertising? Certainly yes. But they should carefully assess what works and administer the budget wisely. Taking into account the predominantly visual nature of consumers should consider the allocation of additional resources right on the packaging, recalling that it is one of the most tangible representations of the brand.

Scatolificio 2G produces boxes of any size, coated with the finest materials, with fine finishes and high quality graphics. Our target is the result of continuous innovation in order to meet the ever changing needs of our customers.

We are known in each market sector in which you use boxes and we aim as “creators of the box”, managing to satisfy even the most particular requests. The continual research and experimentation led us to select and use the best materials.

The innovative solutions we offer to our clients often anticipate market trends, allowing you to meet the taste and expectations of consumers. We provide materials, accessories and printing of all kinds to embellish the box.

For us the box is a communication tool and not just a box. Is the decisive element, able to drive consumer choice until important point: when is opposite to the shelf of the store.

The expertise of our technical department, our creativity and experience allow us to satisfy the most varied needs of “lined boxes”. Our staff takes care of every stage in every detail. Our philosophy sees Scatolificio 2G as a partner of the customer and not as just a supplier, allowing us to satisfy even the most particular requests.

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