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Siera is a craft business, active for twenty years in the mechanical engineering industry. We manufacture pipes, plates, profiles, drawn and a full range of tube machining, as folding, bending , TIG and wire welding, cutting , turning, milling , Flowdrill threading, satin finishing , deburring , thermoforming and deformation.

We ensure a customized production , precision and quality. To date, our core business is the stainless steel tubes and micro-tubes bending we can carry out on different kind of sections (oval, elliptical, square, etc.). We produce many different accessories and components for various industries: home and professional furnishings ( cooking, washing and refrigeration ), cycling, lighting, thermal- hydraulic, marine, etc.

Among our products we have: pipes and welded components for appliances, washing systems, gas ramps, grab bars and handles, knobs, spoon holder, shaped pipes, mechanical construction , stainless steel equipment , handrails and supports.

Our values are quality, flexibility and reliability, combined with a culture of continuous improvement and innovation, values ​​that allow us to do business not only in Italy but also abroad.

via Luigi Manzoni 15
31015 Conegliano – Treviso – Italy
+39 0438 460344
+39 0438 468315
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