Venice Gallery

Venice Gallery

SCHOLA S.ZACCARIA was founded in Venice and named after the traditional art schools directed by the masters of the Italian Renaissance. It has progressed, in over 50 years of activity, under the direction of Gianfranco Missiaja who committed himself to the teaching and application of all the techniques of drawing and oil painting, enamel, acrylic, pastel, gouache, watercolor, graphic design in pencil and ink, lithography, silkscreen, etching, frames by hand in gold leaf.

Ample space is dedicated to the study of the “Commedia dell’arte”, to the typical Venetian masks and the depiction of Venice and its historic center, in the magnificent views of canals, palaces, and in various aerial representations, such as floor plans and maps.

We also carry out architectural projects, design and installations up to furnishings, as it can be seen by visiting the website

The activity of VENICE GALLERY SCHOLA S. ZACCARIA refines in cultural programmes with the publication of several books on history and art critics to provide a key to the comprehension of contemporary art.

Please feel free to ask, without obligation, a quote for any work of painting, graphics, design, picture frames and furniture, or an art critic for advertising, brochures of exhibitions etc.

On our websites and you can find and request for more information, or purchase straight away.

8 expositions in the US, Canada, Austria, Egypt, Spain, Israel, France, Hungary, Germany, Scotland, Portugal, United Arab, Japan.

Atelier Studio
Castello – Salizzada Greci – N° 3456
30122 Venezia

S.Marco – Campo S. Maurizio – N° 2664
30124 Venezia
+39 041 5234343 (Atelier Studio)
+39 348 2242326 (Atelier Studio)
+39 041 5221209 (Shop)
Gianfranco Missiaja

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