Vetromarca glass processing

Vetromarca was established in 1983 and specialises in the manufacture of glass for interiors, decorative objects, giftware and promotional items, lighting and automotive glazing, marketed directly and through agents in the European Community and in several countries outside the EU.

Since then, we have committed ourselves to work out countless works on order and customer design, using cutting-edge machinery and equipment, with 15 specialized employees allocated in an area of ​​over 4,000 square meters…

Specifically, the essential characteristics of the production are cut, even water jet, grinding, bevelling, engraving, hardening, bending, drilling, blasting, etc. Among the various types of glass used, all of excellent quality, there are float from 2 to 19 mm, extra clear, frosted, opalika, borofloat, ROBAX and mirror but this range is constantly updated and evolving towards new products in order to meet every requirement in the development of each disparate and original project!

UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 since 2000, an efficient internal organization and passion for details optimize, qualitatively and quantitatively, the manufacturing of products that comply with the industry standards and CE mark.

Customer satisfaction is, of course, the primary target in managing the Company and the strongest motivation that each employee has in mind in daily work.

We are always available to dispel any doubt and increase the synergy between the parties; we are all happy to welcome you and help with ad hoc quotations, a precise and flexible production and a friendly service aimed at achieving every goal of yours.

via Cima da Conegliano 37
31056 – Roncade – Treviso – Italy
+39 0422 840427
+39 0422 840674

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