Whynot designs six new stoves for Edilkamin

Presented in preview at the fair FlamExpo of Lyon and the ISH in Frankfurt, the new range of stoves Edilkamin, 6 of which signed WHYNOT!

The Milan-based company Edilkamin has never lost its innovative spirit and appetite for improvement, values ​​which over the years have enabled it to win a leading position in the market of domestic heating.

The 2017 is an important year for Edilkamin – at trade fairs in Lyon and Frankfurt a whole range of new products was unveiled, the perfect combination of maximum functionality and elegant design made in Italy.
Whynot team is proud of creating 6 of these products, all different, designed for specific markets and designed around the user.


“The biggest challenge was to create products with extremely contrasting aesthetic languages, maintaining a consistency through EdilKamin identity”.

“The pieces we created are dedicated for a very diverse audience, from classical, linked to the tradition of pottery to Nordic where the linearity and minimalism are essential.”


The tastes and expectations of the end user have merged with the brand identity of Edilkamin, which is already well recognized for decades.
The feedback at the fairs has been extremely positive, and the whole market has perceived a great innovative and purposeful power from the new offer of Edilkamin.

We present the new creations:


Democratic design, a product with high quality and distinctive lines and details.

The classic ceramic stove interpreted by EdilKamin. Soft shapes, embossed decorations, shiny ceramic finish, classic and sophisticated.

Aimed at the user sensitive to design, contemporary lines, separation of volumes, strong recognizability. A new icon for the company.


A product that recalls the traditional cast iron stoves but actualized in a unique and iconic aesthetics.

The hourglass shape has always been the icon of Edilkamin. Whynot has redesigned it with a new grace and elegance.

Wood burning stove dedicated for Northern Europe, the essentiality and Nordic minimalism reviewed with an Italian touch.

This is the result of a great teamwork, common idea and uncompromising quality.