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Whynot for Edilkamin

Edilkamin is a historic company in area of Milan, with more than 50 years of experience in the market of heating equipment.

Edilkamin stands out as a dynamic company, offering high quality products in terms of technology and design.

In 2015 Edilkamin starts collaboration with Whynot having a goal to improve and strengthen the identity and position in the market.

The project of range renewal has been divided into steps, starting from small accessories supplementing stoves and fireplaces, and later expanding on the whole range.

Fire controller


The fire controller is the most important item from all the supplements around stoves and fireplaces.

Often in a hand of the user or on a table or couch, it is a product that is always exposed also because of its dual function – remote control and thermostat.

The client needs were clear since the kick-off of the project:

the new remote control must be an expression of the innovation philosophy of the company, at the same time keeping the price competitive.

One of the main characteristic details becomes the e-ink display, a recent technology applied to a stove controller for a first time. This detail brings a feeling of a refined and silent technology.

We are not designing an high-tech device. The stove is more an emotion than a technology.


In the research of an aesthetic composition WhyNot designers were looking for a design language that is timeless and neutral, but with a character and identity at the same time.

Finally, the accurate interface development completed the design process. A capacitive keyboard has been selected for the button panel to highlight the innovative appeal of the device. The on / off button, which is the main one in the hierarchy of use, has been deliberately kept mechanic to emphasize it, to improve ergonomics and at the same time lower the perceived technological aspect of the product.

Air diffusers


Air diffusers are used to spread the heat from a fireplace or stove in the other rooms of the house.

This function is often accomplished by industrial grids that ensure the spread, but are poorly integrated into the interior of the house.

Air diffusers are part of those range of products that complement the architecture of the house such as light switches, door phones, wall lights, radiators…

The current trend for this sector is to mute the aesthetics of the product making it almost disappear within the home environment. Neutral colors, mainly white as the house walls, and simple, linear forms were the design guidelines for Whynot team.

We wanted a product that offers something more; we wanted to provide an air diffuser which in addition to pleasant aesthetics proposes a functional added value.

Thanks to collaboration between Whynot team, salesmen of Edilkamin and final users, there were many ideas and directions collected, that were defined into three design themes from which the final proposals have resulted:

  • Light was introduced into the product to double the function. Air diffuser, at the same time elegant applique, Bent radiates light and heat.
  • The possibility to diffuse the air different directions has been emphasized to the maximum in the product Origami, a sheet of metal that is hinged at the center; it allows directing the flow of hot air at 360 degrees.
  • The spectacular opening is the distinctive character of Split. Closed, the diffuser looks like a glossy and matte blade. When the fireplace is turned on, Split slowly comes to life and opens thanks to an internal piston which reacts to heat, spreading the air in the environment.


The new remote control and air diffusers are the first fruits of the partnership between Edilkamin and Whynot – teamwork, combination of skills and sharing of dreams.