Design Whynot for wireless speaker Allegro. Launch on Kickstarter

Today Whynot is introducing Allegro, a whole new project in which we were involved for the last year.

On a side of the work that we carry out every day for our clients, the team has decided to embrace a whole new challenge: to develop an idea of a new product on Kickstarter – best known and used worldwide crowdfunding platform.


Allegro is a wireless speaker that brings innovation in term of aesthetics and user experience.

How can a speaker connect emotionally with us?
Can we have a personal and tactile relationship with a speaker as we do with our portable devices?


The concept started by challenging the conventional idea of the speaker as a rigid free-standing box.

The living room represents the typical environment where we use our smartphones, laptops and tablets. In the evening after a long working day we relax on the couch and chill out with some music or browse the internet.

For all these reasons we created Allegro, the first speaker that relaxes with us on the couch!

The product consists in a drape-like speaker made of two layers of 3 mm thick genuine natural felt, that nicely embeds a narrow rigid speaker enclosure containing all the electronics.

Allegro lays perfectly over a couch but thanks to its adaptable nature it can be used in many other places around the home such as chair, head board or hanged on wall.


Last but not least, we would like to communicate the complete work behind this project.

The team of Whynot designers acted as a real start-up company experimenting in different fields outside the product design.

Therefore, we follow the whole aspects behind the launch of the new product: market analysis, engineering, aesthetic and functional prototyping, research of suppliers, branding, marketing and communication.

Now the first step is done, the next is to bring Allegro to the market! Follow Allegro campaign on kickstarter.


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